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United Productivity Information Co., Ltd. (UP), established in August 2000, is a professional information service provider devoted to mid- and small-scale enterprises (MSEs) and a company operating China Productivity Information Net PPNET. As the main unit responsible for the national 863 Project "MSE Information Demonstration Project (863-306-ZD12-08)", it was sponsored by 30 productivity centers all around the nation .
ĦĦĦĦThe UP Corporation holds "Information creates wealth, and network promotes productivity" as the idea of the enterprise. Integrating with the technical achievements of 863 project information domain, relying on more than 800 productivity center systems spreading all over the country, UP constructs and strengthens the service network, associates with domestic and foreign information product suppliers, and unceasingly provides advanced and practical information products / services for MSEs.

  UP Corporation and its PPNET operation construction

China Productivity Information Network PPNET is an information service network supported by Ministry of Science and Technology and initiated by some national productivity centers. Its tenet is: mutual superiority supplementing, resources sharing as well as MSE service. Since its establishment in 2000, the UP corporation has exerted itself in the transformation to the productivity center which serves MSEs, and integrated with the national productivity centers to provide information service and information service network platforms for MSEs. At the near stage, these services include:

  • Internet access & on-line marketingservice for enterprise
  • Domain name on-line registration
  • Fast web construction based on modeled web page
  • Virtual host computer service
  • Dedicated mail for enterprises
  • E-catalog enterprise information self maintenance + B2B supply and demand market

  • PPNET wealth-creating information
  • Cooperating with information resources developer and providing value-added information service
  • Constructing settlement system and developing charge information service

  • Enterprise information authentication training
  • Information engineer authentication training for MSEs
  • Programmer authentication training

  • Enterprise information application service
  • MSE information consultation
  • Authentication & promulgation for 863 Project "MSE information demonstration" products
  • Authentication & recommendation for 863 Project " MSE information demonstration" items

  • Mid- and small-scale enterprise ASP
  • Simple ERP for MSE
  • Simple eCRM for MSE

  • Internationalization information service for mid- and small-scale enterprises
  PPNET service model
  Future Expectation

The UP Corporation's goal is: Through three years operation, PPNET completes the network platform covering the nation and sharing with more than 800 productivity centers around the nation, providing information service for 1,000,000 MSEs; forms 100 authentificated promulgation products of 863 "MSE information demonstration" project, and 100 authentificated demonstration items of 863 "MSE information demonstration" project; and grows into the most infuential domestic information service Provider for MSEs.


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